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Breeding? Huh, What, Where?

To breed your pokemon, you must have a Female of the pokemon you want to breed (Because the babies get the species of the female) And a male pokemon. The offspring of these pokemon share the moves that both pokemon know. Example is, if female and male both know Toxic/Tbolt/IceBeam/Flamethrower then there baby will know the same moves. But if just one of them does, they won't. This way you can get a level 1 pokemon with elite moves. The place to breed your pokemon is Solaceon town. Here's what you do. Put a female + male in the day care, Deposit all your pokemon but 1 (This one pokemon has to be a Slugma, Camerupt, Magcargo) this pokemon cuts the time it takes to hatch in half. Ok, So now get on your bike, and drive up and down, and keep touching your Breeding Poketch and then you will see an egg, rinse and repeat. Once you have hatched a full bag, deposit, rinse and repeat. Once you have 20-30 pokemon, Find a pokemon with the correct nature, that is a female. Your going to need this so save it for Nature breeding. Thats the basics of how to breed!

Nature/Move Breeding

Take a pokemon with the right nature that is also a female. Make it hold the "Everstone" item. Now 50% of the pokemon bred by her will share her nature. Thats all there is to nature breeding :P

 Now onto move breeding. Here's where it starts getting tricky you should already know both pokemon need to know the same moves for it to pass on? But this only applies to non-egg moves. Egg moves on the other hand is where you breed 2 different species. Like I bred a Horsea with my Charmander to get a Dragon Dancing Charmander, that I bred with Larvitar to get a Dragon Dancing T-Tar. Its kind of hard to memorize egg move pokemon, So I have a site that helps alot.

Step 1. Choose pokemon species! Pick the pokemon you want.

Step 2. Fill in the moves you want it to know. (If it cant learn those moves, you cant put it)

Step 3. Click continue and find out how to get a pokemon with that moveset.

Good Luck!

IV Breeding!

Hey all, I've promised so many peole for this and here it is.

Recently I have been trying to get good IV's for pokemon and it was really hard to achieve, however, I did some research and finally found a decent way to IV breed.

First Lets talk about IV points and what they are. IV points or DV points as some call them (Individual Values and Deter Values respectively) are stat points that are born with the pokemon. When an egg hatches, or when the game has a wild pokemon, it assigns the pokemon points in each stat from 0-31. As an example, lets take in mind 6 magicarps.
Each MAgicarp is at lvl 1, and they all have the same nature. We then level all of them up to level hundred using rare candies. After that we notice that some magicarps are stronger than others in certain stats and that some are identical. This is the work of Iv's, the fact the their stats were different shows that they had different IV's.

Now that we know what IV's actually are, lets move to how to guess what IV's a pokemon has. Besides nature, pokemon have traits called Characteristics. Characteristics vary with the pokemon and they relatre to IV points directly.

Follow this link and then read on:

As you saw in the link, each characteristic can represent different IV values.

Now, how do I get good IV's for my pokemon?
first off you have to decide on 2 things. The first being what nature you want your pokemon to be and second what stats do you care about the most. To make you understand better, I will take the pokemon Sneasel and demonstrate.

I first try to get a Sneasel with the nature adamant, I must make sure that the sneasel I get is a female.
Ok great, I caught a sneasel female adamant, now what? Now we take the sneasel to put an everstone on the sneasel and take it to the day care with a ditto. We keep on breeding until we get 6 sneasels with the characteristic that we want. for sneasel, I will be looking for the characterisitc "likes to Thrash About" because as you saw in the table that characteristic maybe be 31 atk IV's.

Now, this is what I have, 6 Sneasels, All adamant Nature and all have the charactersitc Likes to Thrash About. The next step is playing a wi-fi lvl 100 single battle and recording the stats at lvl 100 of all the sneasels. One of them is bound to have 31 atk Ivs, you can check that by going to this stat calculator.

So now lets run through what I did:
1-) I found a female adamant sneasel.
2-) Gave it an Everstone, put it in the daycare with a ditto.
3-) Bred it until I had 6 Adamant sneasels all with the Characteristic Likes to Thrash About.
4-) Went in a lvl 100 single wi-fi battle, and recorded the stats and then saw which sneasel had 31 atk Iv's

after you do those things, you repeat the same proccess but this time you try and get not 31 atk IVs but 31 spd Iv's, the corresponding characteristic is Alert to sounds, so I breed 6 adamant sneasels with alert to sounds. go to wifi lvl 100 battle and see which one has 31 spd Iv's. Remember the 31 atk Iv and the 31 Spd Iv Sneasels must both be opposite Genders.

From Here I take both of them to the Daycare, give the female an everstone and keep on breeding 6 sneasels at a time and checking in wi-fi lvl 100 battles to check for the IVs. Eventually you will get a Sneasel adamant with 31 atk and Spd Iv's.

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